How do clinical care teams remotely detect deterioration in COPD patients?

Patients hospitalized after a COPD exacerbation are at increased risk of readmission after discharge, with a 20% risk after 30 days and 40% after one year.

Up to 55% of readmissions after a COPD hospitalization may be preventable1:

Our Solution: VocalisTrack - a CE-marked Voice Platform to Detect Shortness of Breath

VocalisTrack enables chronic patients to be tracked at home using voice. It is a stand-alone, AI-based software tool that analyzes voice recordings of COPD patients who record their voice via an app on their own smartphone. Analyzing the data from this app, VocalisTrack offers the clinical care team ongoing insights about the patient’s current shortness of breath.

Detection of Shortness of Breath
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VocalisTrack Whitepaper

COPD is a very common chronic disease, with 18 million diagnosed COPD patients in the US alone*. In Europe, the prevalence of COPD varies from 4-10% of the adult population.**

VocalisTrack provides potential to detect dyspnea remotely and provide proactive, preventive medical care.

Read more in our white paper.


VocalisTrack App

VocalisTrack, our CE-marked product that detects shortness of breath levels remotely based on voice analysis, has a sensitivity 95%^ and specificity of 93%^, for identifying change in shortness of breath compared to clinicians’ assessments.
^ The sensitivity and specificity for identifying change in shortness of breath compared to clinicians’ assessments were 95.45% (95% CI: [77.16%, 99.88%]) and 92.73% (95% CI: [82.41%, 97.98%]), respectively
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